About us

Welcome! Welkom! Herzlich Wilkommen! Bienvenue!

…on the site of the Modelspoorteam.

This is the fourth version of our website. Over the years thousands of people visited our site. Some left a message, some wrote an e-mail and most of them surprised us with good compliments and ideas to improve the site. With this site we used fewer words: we let the pictures do the talking and we hope you like that. Please let us know!

The Modelspoorteam is established around 1986 and counts at this time 6 active members. The recent picture of the group shows you: Jan Willem Jansen Venneboer, Jan Hein Ruygrok, Piet Peetoom (oldest member but still our Benjamin), Walter Huyboom and Hans Louvet. The latest member Sander Louvet is not in the picture.