Beachley Dock

Beachley Dock (7 mm/0)

A new idea came up and Beachley Dock grew in 5 years to the harbour with factory. We found a lot of ideas in old numbers of Archive, a brochure of the narrow canals of Birmingham, in Ipswich (during a show) and a lot of books and brochures. But, we combined it into a “freestyle” British lay out: it is our perception of an English dock.There is lots to see: working cranes, a little tractor which pulls the wagons from the turntable, boats and smoke all along. The pub where we can still enjoy the good old ale (Inspector Morse would love this pub). Look inside and play darts with us! O, I almost forget: the locos, we did our best to make them look pretty. But not only look pretty: Lenz and ESU digital systems make it possible to add real life to the locos with whistle, shovelling coal, etc. etc.

Information for exhibitionmanagers:  folder beachley

1st Warley Show